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Parramatta Baptist Playtime

Parramatta Baptist Playtime

There's a certain amount of latitude given by the hosts when visiting, so when I turned up to Parramatta Playtime, I did take full advantage of this fact. All for the good cause of Jesus :). When I'm chatting to people, I ask lots of questions to get to know them, as...

Southcoast Playtime

Southcoast Playtime

SouthCoast Life Church Playtime It's hard to stress out when you're surrounded by green slopes and blue skies sprinkled with white puffy clouds! This setting for the Playtime at Berry is matched by the warmth of Sharayah and her team. They meet at 9.30 for 2 hours and...

Northern Life Baptist Church Playtime

Northern Life Baptist Church Playtime

Linda Mee has started this year heading up the playgroup at Northern Life Baptist Church in Hornsby. They had an amazing facility placed in a prominent position, but if they opened their doors, would the people come?   They opted with just a sign for...

From Screen time to Playtime!

From Screen time to Playtime!

Anna Ranson from The PlayLab, has some great tips for parenting! Check out her website to sign on to this free short video. One of her suggestions is to create pictures for your daily activities, and have the children...

What are you growing?

What are you growing?

My 28 year old son Liam, mentioned that he visited a new church. When he was there, a random guy came up and said, “I found God through scripture lessons…”They were in the same class at school, my son hadn’t remembered him, but this guy certainly...

South Coast Life Church Playtime

South Coast Life Church are in full swing with Covid restrictions easing. This year they have started a playtime ministry and the sensational physical environment of the luscious green rolling hills of the south coast is matched by the warmth and welcome...

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Good Questions and God Questions

Good Questions and God Questions

When building relationships there's some foundational principles required. While these are obvious, it's amazing how we need to be reminded because sometimes we just want to take short cuts. But just like building a house requires good measurements, sometimes we may...