South Coast Life Church are in full swing with Covid restrictions easing. This year they have started a playtime ministry and the sensational physical environment of the luscious green rolling hills of the south coast is matched by the warmth and welcome of the people. 

They have ample lawn, shade and toys for a young parents sweet respite. And while this environment is conducive to relaxed conversations, it’s also the welcoming hearts of the leaders and attendees that really do make playtime a special time for the young parent. 

But one of the key points raised was the motivation behind why some people attend playtimes. There are many reasons for parents of young children to attend playtimes and music groups but some of these reasons are more conducive to them finding a heavenly Father who loves them. 

For example, there are mothers who come because they are lonely and want to find friends that they can share their life with. When this happens, I have faith that it’s just a short step from there to that person opening their heart to God. A quick way to drawing these people into your playtime is to build a relationship with the ante natal clinic and asking them to refer any vulnerable people to your group. When the clinic sister hears about how your church cares holistically for people without judgement, then you’ll have a booming Playtime that’s birthing more than natural babies, there’ll be spiritual births as well!

Yvette Wynne, Family Outreach Consultant

When I visited, they also had a gentlemen mowing the lawn with a tractor. Of course, this made for a great incursion for the children to jump on board! 

Afterwards I sat with the team and discussed all things playtime. 

One of the discussion points revolved around promoting the new playtime to the local community. Promotional flyers were given to schools, community clinics and the church to distribute, and already there is a Playgroup Association group running on a different day of the week at the church so there is plenty of people to draw from.