Linda Mee has started this year heading up the playgroup at Northern Life Baptist Church in Hornsby. They had an amazing facility placed in a prominent position, but if they opened their doors, would the people come?


They opted with just a sign for advertisement rather than letter box drop. They made the right call, 8 families turned up in their first week! Only one of those families was from their church, the rest were from the local community, most of whom live in nearby units. The numbers have continued to grow and by the end of Term 2, Linda and her team had 39 families, representing 18 different language groups, on the books!

One lady, Rose* (not her real name) came with her child and husband. With only a little english she was hesitant to engage, but Linda chatted with the husband and he left a short time later knowing that his wife was in safe hands. Rubi must have gone home beaming, because not an hour after the session the church received a phone call from her husband saying that he needs to pay much more than the 5$ fee. It was worth so much more to them! The wife has now found a whole community to belong to, and a hope that she is loved!


At Easter time they invited the families from their Playgroup to their Sunday Service with Easter Egg hunt. They had 7 families attending from their Playgroup who really enjoyed the morning and staying for morning tea afterwards. Now they have 2-3 families regularly attending their church.


Covid has left them wondering how to still connect, so Linda has started zooming the families and the first session had 8 families coming on with the children and toys! Linda has plenty more ideas, I look forward to hearing all about how their little Playgroup is changing their community, one family at a time!– Yvette Wynne