My 28 year old son Liam, mentioned that he visited a new church. When he was there, a random guy came up and said, “I found God through scripture lessons…”

They were in the same class at school, my son hadn’t remembered him, but this guy certainly remembered Liam.


Twenty years earlier…


As a mother of 3 young children, and being pregnant with my 4th child, I questioned what I was doing with my life. I was 29 and had already reached my life goals; to be a wife and mother. But the gnawing at my heart was still there, I wasn’t satisfied.


I began digging deep to find what was missing in my life.


I knew enough to realise that it wasn’t riches, it wasn’t status, and now it wasn’t family. I had some exposure to God, but it really was a boring and distant portrayal that I experienced. Maybe it was time to revisit God and take an honest look at the Bible?


It wasn’t long, a few months maybe, and I had an amazing life transformation. The longing of my heart was found complete with Jesus! Everything that I aspired to be, took second place to promoting Jesus everywhere I went.


Not long after this, my local church had the smallest advert in it, looking for scripture teachers. My oldest was now in 2nd class and it was her school, her class. I believed this was from God, and threw myself into it!


Yep, I was that scripture teacher!


When I heard from Liam about this young man finding Jesus back at scripture class, my first thought was: Wow, I could have been out gossiping with the girls or keeping up with the Kardashians; And the fruit of that would mean nothing right now. Instead I chose to invest in God’s Kingdom and what I did back then is having an eternal impact-now!


Turns out this was the best investment I could ever have made with my time. What about you? What eternal investment can you make in God’s Kingdom?


There’s plenty of ways as a young mother that you can help grow God’s Kingdom. More structured ways like Playgroups, Scripture or Kids clubs. But also informally, baking for someone, welcoming new person into the neighbourhood or helping to clothe a family in need. Not only do you get to help out in God’s Kingdom, you can be an amazing role model for your child!

Blessings, Yvette