There’s a certain amount of latitude given by the hosts when visiting, so when I turned up to Parramatta Playtime, I did take full advantage of this fact. All for the good cause of Jesus :). When I’m chatting to people, I ask lots of questions to get to know them, as I don’t know if they attend the church, I ask them. From there it’s a quick dive into the topic of faith.

I’m not sure how it panned out in the end, but I did get the opportunity to encourage one lady to attend the church, and another one to join a bible study for women. This all because the leaders offer a judgement free environment with well organised activities for any in the community to join in with. Just by being who they are, they attract families who want a safe place to experience life with others who are in the same situation. And it’s this space that women and men get to experience a glimpse of what a Jesus loving community is.

Thank you Parramatta Baptist for serving your community so faithfully.