Programming and Curriculums

Programing and choosing curriculum is often a key responsibility of those co-ordinating programs for kids ministry. Here are some resources to help you think about programming, choosing material and transitioning kids into youth ministry.


Programming for your churches children’s ministry is a big responsibility! If you are involved in planning children’s ministry at your church, ensure you consider each of the four areas in this article.

Programming for Children’s Ministry

Comparing & Choosing a Curriculum

We are updating these resources. Please email us here if you are looking for information about comparing and choosing material for your kids program.

Transitioning kids into Youth Ministry

Transitioning from primary to high school is a stressful time, and children of this age group are often given, for the first time, the option to decide whether or not to attend church. Here is a great article for transitioning Kids from Children’s Ministry to Youth Ministry


Engaging ways of telling the big God story and creative ways of exploring and responding to the story are helpful for everyone. Here are some websites with resources you may find useful.

Remember the best way to use pre-packaged content will be as a springboard for your own context rather than just sending a link to families or showing a video with no explanation or follow up discussion. 

Zenos Media

Zenos Media is a new Australian Christian media initiative providing churches, schools and other Christian organisations with resources to enable them to proclaim the good news about Jesus in culturally appropriate and creative ways.