Inspirational Video

We can often be very hard on ourselves as parents, but here’s a video that hears from the children’s point of view! Great for showing to your church or families around Mother’s Day!

From the Children

Here’s a lovely message from children to their mothers. You could use this video, or make your own using the questions as a guide!

Messages about Motherhood

A lovely video that shows how many different people feel about Mother’s Day. Sometimes it’s not a happy occasion, and this video captures this. 

Mothers of the Bible

This video goes through different women of the Bible, and extends the principle of motherhood to us today. Very well done, and shows the different types of roles mothers can play.

Vouchers for your mum

Here’s a download for you to print off, lots of great suggestions for children to do for their mothers!

Creative Crafts

A great website full of lovely ideas for the children to make a craft for their mothers. 

Ideas for Church

Here’s some creative ways to celebrate mothers in your church! Gift packs, photo booths and a bible awards event! Such fun ways to celebrate your mothers. 

Clever Cards

Some great ideas for making cards for your mothers! 

Gift Box

Make a gift box and fill it with wonderful messages for your mum. This is great for the older children!