Leadership Development 101 is a training course specifically designed for junior leaders aged 11-17, who are serving (or soon to begin serving), in an area of local church ministry.  Whether you have junior leaders serving in children’s or youth ministry, worship ministry, welcoming, technology, administration or in any other leadership role, this course will develop their leadership as they serve in your church.

At the end of the course they will receive a certificate, but more importantly knowledge and insights that will be beneficial throughout their lives as they lead in ministry, school and workplaces. We are praying for this generation that they will find belonging and purpose as they follow Jesus.


Leadership Development 101 is divided into 4 modules, each containing 4 lessons each.  Over 16 short lessons, a wide variety of topics are covered from character, spiritual growth, teamwork, communication, spiritual gifts, skill development, safety, and much more.  Modules 1, 2 & 4 are relevant to junior leaders serving in all church ministry roles, while module 3 focuses on specific skills that are relevant to junior leaders serving in roles with children or younger youth.


The course is delivered online, with each lesson containing a short video to watch, an activity to do, something to reflect on, and a conversation to have with the ministry leader.  The course is very flexible in its delivery – it can be done by individuals or small groups, at your pace – but no matter how it is delivered, the face to face conversations with the team leader is a very important part.


The course can be done by individuals or as a group experience.  It can be done entirely face to face, or it can be mixed, where leaders watch the videos and complete activities at home, and meet with the ministry leader for conversation, at the end of each lesson or module.  It can be done before leaders start serving as preparation, or as ongoing training.  You can make the course yours!


We encourage your church to invest into junior leaders by covering the cost of the course. You could register and pay for each participant using their email and creating a login for them, or reimburse the junior leader after they have signed up for the course. Once participants from your church are registered, you are welcome to contact us for a promo code to register a leader for free.

There are a few times throughout the course that participants are directed to external websites.  On the first page of the course, parents are asked to read the course information so that they can agree to their child’s participation.  Please include the parents of young people in your communication about the course.

Modules & Lessons

Module One: Leadership
What is a leader?
The importance of character
Growing in your relationship with God
Joining in with God’s Mission

Module Two: Team
Your role on the team
Working under and alongside others
Communicating with your leader and team
Spiritual gifts God has given you


Module Three: Skills for Children & Youth Ministry
Helping kids to engage
Telling a good story (a Bible story or your own testimony)
Answering kids questions
Connecting with kids families

Module Four: Care
Keeping your ministry area safe
Creating a safe space for everyone
Taking care of yourself as a leader
Making a lasting impact


To register and complete the course follow the link below.

1. Create an account or log in to your existing Baptist NSW/ACT account
2. Purchase the course
3. Complete the course
4. You can download your certificate

If you have questions about Leadership Development 101, please contact Kaye at kryan@nswactbaptists.org.au.