Guided Reflection

Art can powerfully tell the story of Jesus death and resurrection and transcend age and language differences. You can use this booklet for people to explore together or individually. This video is available to play and create space for reflection for the whole community.

Easter @ Home

A family resource to create faith-shaping times together at home in the weeks leading up to Easter! This booklet is packed full of Easter crafts and ideas for all ages. $1 each
Purchase this resource from our online store here

Paper cross

Excellent simple resource from the Baptist Children and Families team in New Zealand. All you need is a colour printer, scissors and glue. Download as  A3 or A4 and the Easter Cross Instructions

At Our Table Easter Reflections

Free downloadable resource designed to create interaction, conversation and reflection about Easter; encouraging families to enjoy spending time together, around the table, in the lead up to, or over the weekend of Easter.

Oh Amanda: A Sense of the Resurrection

A Sense of the Resurrection: an Easter Experience for Families contains 12 fun, hands-on, easy, meaningful activities to help your kids come face to face with the Easter story. It’s easy enough for all ages, but meaningful enough for parents and kids to have a new understanding and appreciation of the greatest gift God gave us–Jesus, his sacrifice, resurrection and eternal friendship!”

Baptist World Aid Australia

Chocolate companies are increasingly choosing to source their cocoa ethically, to mitigate the risk of child labour. Enjoy a more ethical Easter by choosing to buy from these companies

Unlock the mysteries of Easter…

The “Easter Escape Room takes students back in time where they will solve mysteries related to the arrest, trial, crucifixion, and resurrection of Christ by decoding puzzles, answering questions and breaking secret codes.”

30-60 minute game for ages 8-15
Access game here

Colouring Posters

Have you seen Illustrated ministries amazing colouring posters?
“Whether you’re looking for an intergenerational program, a communal art activity or something unique for your community to do together,,…these posters provide a creative, engaging and participatory way for people to connect with faith.” 

Lost Sheep Easter Books

Check out Andrew McDonough’s five Easter stories:  Mary and the Gardner, The Way of the Cross, Dave the Donkey, Peter and the Big Breakfast and Peter and Rooster. They also have resources available for story-telling in large groups.
Find these Easter-themed books and story-telling tools here.

Easter Song – One, Two, Three

Have a look at this great animated song with accompanying lyrics all about declaring that Jesus is alive.
Find the video on YouTube.

Easter Family Scavenger Hunt

Christina Embree has put together this scavenger hunt for families to engage with the real message of Easter, while also spending quality time together. After they find each “clue” the family takes a selfie together with the object they found. What a way to create fun, faith-filled memories together!

Max7: Journey Through Lent Resource

Families can journey through the long season of Lent together by gathering each evening around a simple table centre with candles to hear and retell gospel stories, songs, and pray. Weekly family and outreach activities also help prepare families for the great celebration of Easter.
Find this family devotional here.

Easter Story Stones

The message about why we celebrate Easter hides behind the bunnies and eggs. Many children don’t know the Easter Story. But you can help them understand by creating and use these story stones and notes to teach them. Follow this easy tutorial and make your own holiday Easter rock painting set.”

Plant a DIY Mini Easter Garden

A fun way to engage with the Easter story and create a beautiful garden to keep! A great idea for the family or to make together in your kids ministry.
Find the directions here.

Arts and craft

For some, creativity comes easily. While for others, we need ideas to springboard off. Here’s 11 ideas to spark your imagination.