Christian Playtime Curriculum

Children’s Interests

This term we are focusing on the child’s interests, and bringing Jesus into their space. These lessons are designed for outreach and not children’s discipleship teaching.

Remember if you LOVE and ENJOY GOD, then the children will too! It’s not WHAT you said, but HOW you made them feel!

 THEME: God is Big!

A cute story about a dinosaur and Christmas:


A book about a dinosaur who lost his roar:

THEME:  God looks after me

The Lost Sheep by Saddleback Kids:


THEME: Make sure Jesus is in your boat!


DRAMA: With some sheets, chairs and oars you can retell the story!

THEME: God loves small too!

Genesis 1:24; Then God said, “Let the earth bring forth living creatures … and creeping things.”


IDEA-Collect some insects outside! 


THEME: Jesus is your friend!



This one is great for learning the days of the week!