Parenting With Purpose by Louise Bartlett

The Righteous Brood by Hugh Halter

This free E-book asks what mission would look like if we acted now, with our families, just as they are.
Rather than waiting for kids to grow up, or the current crisis to be over, imagine if we were to connect as a family with other families who need Jesus in the here and now?
A Righteous Brood is a prophetic call, but also a practical guide to making the home the front line of mission.

Two lies that keep families from being missional

Mission Doesn’t Stop even if there’s a virus.
Let’s keep looking for ways to put faith into action for families at home and the church as a whole.

35 Ways to love your Neighbour


We’re socially isolated. We can’t gather in groups. We’re working from home. We can’t even go to church.

How are Christians meant to express their faith in these strange days of COVID-19?

It’s tough, I agree, but there are plenty of ways to love your neighbors, even during lockdown. Here’s 35 simple ways to love your neighbor as yourself, even at a distance.


Kids Club Guide

Run a Kidzone Club at home or in your local church. We’ve made it super easy! Our leaders’ guide breaks down each current Kidzone mag into different zones with activities, teachings and small group questions that you can slot into your program. Download the leader’s guide and you’re all set to run a Kidzone Club!


Lego Challenge