Buddy Program

Find out about implementing a buddy prgram to support engagment of kids with additional needs. 2. PDF – Setting Up a Buddy Program 

Ministering to Children with ASD - Download

This 1. PDF – Ministering to Children with ASD explores ideas and staregies to encourage the inclusion and genuine participation of children with autism spectrum discorder. Some of the strategies maybe helpful for children with other additional needs. The first place to start is with a desire for inclusion and then asking families what would be helpful and working togehter.

Welcoming Children with Additional Needs training with Dr Louise Gosbell


By Dr Louise Gosbell


Children with Additional Needs training seminar with Annie Hewetson

Annie Hewetson is a trained Speech Pathologist and dedicated Children’s worker at Caringbah Baptist Church, watch how they assist families with children of special needs. 

An App to help communicate

First and Then App

This is a great app for helping children with autism who struggle with transitions between different activities.  It is a visual support cue which replaces the traditional visual supports that can be time consuming to create.

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