Community Ministry

Connecting Families With Jesus by Yvette Wynne

Many churches are building bridges into their community and doing excellent and innovative ministries.  However, are the community crossing over those bridges?  Not really.

This book is designed to help you take people across those bridges and into God’s open arms!  Email to order your hardcopy today ($10 + postage).

Connecting Families With Jesus

Grants and Fundraising by Judyth Roberts

Tips for grant writing and fundraising for your playgroup or other community based ministry.


“Parenthood – Discovering the Journey as it Unfolds” pamphlets

This pamphlet is a resource aimed at reaching non-churched people who attend groups such as “Playtime”, “Mainly Music”, “MOPS” or “Toddler Jam”.  The wonder of a newborn child and the joy of watching little ones grow is often a cause for new parents to think through their life values.  Parenting is a foreboding assignment and there is a hunger for good resources that help, and a caring community with which to share the journey is attractive.  The tract is aimed at this audience and invites new or young parents to ponder the mysteries of life and the source of hope that God brings to those who seek him.  It is deliberately generic in format and aims at not being to “preaching” while at the same time inviting people to explore a relationship with Jesus.

These brochures are available for free if you send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to PO Box 112, Epping NSW 1710.


Parenting Outreach Talks

Three outreach talks designed for parents are available on the Jesus Collective website.  You can also access a group discussion by mothers in different stages of life.


Jubilee Research

Check out this excellent research on the impact of church-based parent and toddler groups