Children with Special Needs


Tips for Children with ASD

Ministering to Children with ASD Download this extremely helpful PDF on Ministering to Children with ASD.






Ministering to Children with Special Needs Seminar 

Download this training seminar led by Annie Hewetson.  Annie is the K-6 children’s coordinator at Caringbah Baptist Church, a speech pathologist, and has worked for many years with children and their families who have special needs.






Buddy Program

Ministering to Children with Special Needs Setting Up a Buddy Program  This downloadable PDF will take you step by step through setting up a buddy program for children with ASD in your church.









An App to help communicate

First and Then App This is a great app for helping children with autism who struggle with transitions between different activities.  It is a visual support cue which replaces the traditional visual supports that can be time consuming to create. Download on Apple Devices Download on Google Play