Louise Bartlett

Louise Bartlett

Co-ordinator of Children and Family Ministries

Louise Bartlett has been in the role of Co-ordinator of Children and Family Ministries since 2014. For many years Louise has been involved in children’s and families ministries in the local church and with para-church organisations.

Louise’s role involves resourcing churches to help children be active participants in the ministry of the local church, helping parents and churches provide opportunities for robust discipleship of children, as well as implementing strategies to support effectiveness of children and family ministry workers in churches. Louise is married to Steve and together they have 3 children.

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Kaye Ryan

Kaye Ryan

Children & Families Resource Co-ordinator

Kaye’s role involves resourcing churches for Children & Family Ministries, with a special focus on providing support for weekend children’s ministry programs.

She is a member of Parramatta Baptist, and has led Children & Family Ministries in a number of local churches in Sydney.

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Yvette Wynne

Yvette Wynne

Families Missional Consultant

Yvette Wynne has been the Missional Children’s Ministry Consultant since 2009. She is a member of Caringbah Baptist and has extensive experience as an evangelist who ministers through playtime groups.

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