Advocating for Children

Aim Lower

Aim Lower, Think Smaller, Give Up and Go Have a Cup of Coffee

This free short film is designed to open people’s eyes to the importance of children’s ministry in fulfilling the Great Commission.



Why am I working with Kids?

Aim Lower, Think Smaller


This has become a classic short video. Ideal for showing in church, at training days, ministers’ retreats and parents’ nights or just for giving yourself inspiration when you wonder why you’re working with kids. A free user guide is also available.


Next Generation 


Next Generation




Like a Child

Next GenerationAnother short video to inspire your leadership team and congregation. But give your kids ministry leaders a sneak preview first. They already know how strategic is is to work with kids, and they’ll be encouraged and affirmed by it.

Like A Child


The Importance of Children

Like A ChildThis clip is a powerful thought provoker and discussion starter for use in a church service or home group. Its message is that Jesus followers need to become like little children and so highlights the importance of children.





There are No Unreached Children

Children are being reached from every angle by political parties, other faiths, secularism, corporations and a myriad of other causes. Above all, the children of the world need to know Jesus. They need to know the truth of his claims, to experience a personal relationship with Him and to be equipped to follow and serve Him throughout their lives.



The Importance of Children’s Ministry

An outline for a talk which could be used in a Family Service to help adults grasp the importance of children’s ministry, and to help children understand their value in the church community.

The proportions given in this example work for 20-30 children, but you can adjust to fit your group.


The Importance of Children’s Ministry- A Talk for a Family Service