All Age Worship

Collide by Tammy Tolman

A great book exploring intergenerational ministry

Collide by Tammy Tolman


Intergenerational Ministry and the Family by Kara Jenkins

Helpful for leadership group considering moving towards a more intergenerational church


Worshipping With Children: Some Thoughts for Parents by Lutheran Pastor Greg Priebbenow

Very practical tips for taking kids to church


Downloadable Resources:

Thought provoking articles and other resources for engaging with children during church services.

Church: The Boring Bits for Kids (They’re Not What You Think!)

The Pastor, The Parent, The Precocious Child and the Pewsitter

Should Kids Be Included in the Weekly Worship Service?

Tell me about God by Elizabeth Ward
Contains 26 Outlines – An A to Z look at the Attributes of God. Tried and tested for children & intergenerational groups.

A-Z about God


All-Age Service Annual by Scripture Union
Contains outlines for 15 services, designed to fit in with all major Christian festivals including Nativity, Christmas Day, New Year, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Pentecost and Harvest, as well as other events in the calendar such as Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day.


Various multi-age resources by Beth Barnett
Welcome Mat
Party On Together
Twists and Turns
These resources are packed full of useful ideas for all age gatherings and events which are meaningful for the whole community.


Downloadable Resources:


Welcoming Families
Many churches do not have children regularly attending weekend services. However, almost all churches
will have children visit at some point in time. What do you do when a child arrives at your service? How can
your church be best prepared to embrace families?


Ideas for Passing on Faith to the next Generation