Are you involved in sharing the faith, hope and love of Jesus Christ with children and families?

Good on you!  So are we, and we firmly believe that it’s something we can do better as churches together than as individuals.

We are passionate about children finding their place in the local church to worship, learn, play and serve.  We believe this is best done when the generations can connect and families can be supported in the nurturing of faith in their children.

We believe discipleship is about far more than just knowing God’s big story.  It’s about experiences and opportunities that are formational so that faith might be for life.  Faith intersected with every part of our lives and also for our whole lifetime.

We’re here to help you develop and grow excellent ministries to children and families.

We love to share your stories so we can cheer each other on in our strategic ministries.

We can offer consultancy, resource suggestions, training, advocacy and development services.